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Copywriting Services - typewriter

Copywriting is...

Fresh, bold copy that converts.

Editing Services - paper and pen

Editing is...

Cleaning & organizing your thoughts.

Proofreading Services - search content

Proofreading is...

Adding the polishing touch.

Who We Are

Written Works is a boutique publishing house for copywriting, editing and proofreading services. To us, stories are more than novels and self-help books. Your story is your brand. This is why we strongly believe in building strong brands through well-written works.

We're more than writers and editors – we're publicists, storytellers, content strategists and tastemakers who influence various interdisciplinary markets. Our agile, hands-on approach to print and digital communications allows us to better serve a diverse clientele across several different industries.

Whether you need help writing, editing or proofreading a document of any kind, we're here to help. Our mission is to ensure you're left with an end result that helps move your story forward, be it your education, business, brand, career or other creative project.

No Matter the Type of Document, Written Works is Here to Help.


Need fresh, bold copy that converts? Look no further. Written Works provides copywriting services for SEO copy, Web copy, Blog posts, Resumés, Articles, Magazine Editorials & more. There's no writing task our editorial team can't handle. Customized plans for special projects available upon request.

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Our detail-oriented copy editing services help you articulate your brand in a more clear, organized way. Once your ideas are down on paper, we’ll help clean up your grammar, syntax, formatting and overall structure. This developmental service equips you with the tools you need to become a better writer.

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If you need a second or third pair of eagle eyes on your document, our proofreading service is for you. We check for typos, subject-verb disagreement and other pesky grammatical errors. Each document is read by at least two different editors to catch even the most minute mistakes.

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