Our range of copywriting services are designed to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. Clear, concise and succinct writing is good writing. Because of this, we approach your writing needs in much the same way. From creative, witty copy to more professional, corporate copy, we build customized copywriting services to fit your unique needs.

Written Works offers versatile, flexible copywriting services in a more comprehensive way. The brief below provides our editors with detailed information. This allows us to provide a more tailored solution for you. Check out our list of current copywriting services below:

Written Works Copywriting Services

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  • SEO Copy
  • Content Writing (Blog posts, articles)
  • Web Copy
  • Marketing Copy (One-pagers)
  • Magazine Editorials

*Pricing for copywriting services is contingent upon scope of work and the nature of the project. Hourly rates or flat rate fees may apply. 

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