New Blog Series: How to land a corporate creative gig

Whether you’re a recent grad or looking to change career paths, here’s how to land a corporate creative gig. 

Landing a creative role at a Fortune 500 corporation can be tough. These companies receive hundreds if not thousands of applications per day. Therefore, the creative positions within these organizations are quite coveted. Nevertheless, top companies are always looking for top talent to progress the goals and objectives of their business. Although you may be the perfect fit, if you don’t know how to properly present and position yourself, you may never get the opportunity to prove it.

It’s important to note that many creatives start out as contractors or freelancers. Those fortunate enough to come in as full-time employees (FTE) typically benefit from referrals. The best referrals are internal, often coming from someone already well respected and trusted at the company. But, this is no reason to feel discouraged. There are several other avenues or routes you can take to create opportunities where their seemingly are none.

This blog series will cover a variety of topics to help you woo hiring managers. Get your first creative foot in the door with these key topics below.

The Ultimate Corporate Creative How-To:

  • Portfolio – First and foremost, your portfolio is critical. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic designer, copywriter, or even a project manager. This is why your port can determine whether you break into the industry or not. We’ll cover what makes for a good creative portfolio, and how to build an impressive portfolio with little to no experience.
  • Freelancing Vs. Full-Time Jobs – Learn some of the key differences between freelancing or contracting versus being a full-time employee and determine which route is more in line with your career goals.
  • Networking – Secondly, we’ll explore the importance of collaboration and whether or not you’re well-suited to work in a creative environment. This includes attending networking events, building relationships with recruiters, talent acquisition representatives, etc.
  • Interviews – How important are phone interviews? How can phone interviews help secure your in-person interview? This post will cover the dos and donts of phone interviews. Know what questions to ask and how to sell yourself.
  • Agency Experience – Why do corporate creatives love candidates with agency experience? We’ll tell you and explain why agency experience is important for professional creatives.
  • Be a “No Man” – Last but not least, we’ll discuss why being a “yes man” can be detrimental to your career. In the creative industry, it’s important to know when and how to push back. Learn how asking the right questions can help you make a big impact in the workplace.

I’m confident you’ll be able to leverage my personal experiences and insights to land the perfect corporate creative gig and potentially help others looking to follow similar career paths. Additionally, I believe that if you truly work towards presenting your best self and your best work, the right position will come along. This is simply the preparation you need for that opportunity.

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